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When you are booking your summer get away but far the biggest expense is the trip itself - the flights and the hotel stay, not to mention all of the food and activities. One area where it's good to save a bit of money and stress is with the taxi to the airport.

There are of course a number of ways to get to the airport and these will vary in price and speed depending on how close you are to your local train or bus station.



Trains are a good and fairly reliable service but getting from Kent to Gatwick or Heathrow can be quite expensive for a family of four. A quick look at the National Rail web site also shows that a change is required at London Bridge on a journey from Tunbridge Wells so there's added inconvenience. There's also the matter of getting to the station in the first place.


Buses are another fairly reliable way to get to the airport but you have to take your chances with finding a seat and ensuring that there is enough room for all of your luggage. Getting a family of four on to a crowded bus, with four suitcases may take some logistical skills.

Book an airport taxi

Forget about the worry, the possibility of cancelled services or the wedging suitcases into small spaces. With a pre-booked airport taxi transfer, you can ensure that you arrive at the airport in time, relaxed and ready to enjoy your holiday. We will also ensure that you are met at the airport on your way home so that you can have an airport to home service without the worry.

We can help. If you need a taxi to the airport from Wadhurst, Paddock Wood, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells or elsewhere in Kent, please get in touch.